Aine: Irish goddess of love and fertility

Although her main task was to promote human love, she was no pushover. When one of the mortal kings raped her, she slew him with her magic.

True to the nature of fertility goddesses, Aine's worship was associated with agriculture and she had command over crops and animals. The worship of Aine continued well into the Christian era and celebration in her honor was held at Aines Hill in Country Kerry as late as the 19th century.

Aine has triple aspects. As the maiden she gives the gift of poetry (or the occasional madness), as the mother she is associated with wells and healing, and in her darker aspect she appears to mortal men as a beautiful woman known as the "Fairy Lover". Men are spell bound by the Fairy Lover in a form of fatal attraction. Those chosen be her would die, not violently though, but rather in ecstasy. Death is necessary so that the two lovers can be together in the Otherworld.