Southern Light

December 2010

Welcome to Southern Light, the cyber home of Hein Lass.

This is a CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY website dedicated to the beauty of women and it contains nudity and other mindblowing stuff. If you are offended by such material, or a minor who hasn't got your mother's permission, or mentally immature, PLEASE GO AWAY.

This site contains sensuality but NO PORNOGRAPHY and if you do not know the difference, maybe this isn't the place for you. It sort of needs more than 3 active braincells to step into...

Please note that you are entering a graphics intensive site !

Legalities and Disclaimer

All the images are protected by COPYRIGHT and all rights to their use are reserved. The photographs are for your personal viewing only. Any use or transfer, other than for personal use, need my permission. By entering this site you agree to these conditions.

I take no responsibility for your mental health and any exitement or distress that you might experience while visiting this site.

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