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Regular Newsletter

The 2000 Forum publishes a regular newsletter and the newsletter is then distributed to all members of the forum. The newsletter has articles of interest and updated information on year 2000 projects which are written by members of our forum. The members could be service providers, user companies, government departments, etc. The newsletter have a reasonably long shelf life as the information contained therein is relevant for the duration of the project. Members of the forum, can contribute to this newsletter in the form of articles on any related year 2000 issue, which we will then publish on their behalf. There would be no additional cost for the newsletter. Our next newsletter is due November 1998, and the following one in February 1999.

Ongoing Awareness

We run Awareness Presentations on behalf of organisations both in-house and at designated venues around the country. These awareness talks are geared to suit the audience participating. This could be from the CEO to the end user. In addition we have a Year 2000 video which organisations can use as part of their 2000 awareness campaign. The video was produced by The 2000 Forum & Knowledge Centre and is presented by Libby Robb, Partner of The 2000 Forum. Awareness presentation and the viseo is at an additional cost. Members get preferential rates.

Information Gathering (specific to organisations)

When an organisations joins The 2000 Forum, we meet with/make contact with the designated 2000 Project Manager to obtain as much information as we can on the environment, and critical issues that will impact the organisation. This information is confidentail and the reason we require in-depth understanding is so that we can assist the organisation as much as possible. The information received will enable the organisation to make informed decisions on the year 2000 project.

Knowledge Centre

All members have access to our knowledge centre and services that we have provided to companies, could cover a number of areas :

How should a project team be made up;

Standard letters or requests for compliance status;

Suggestions / guidelines of legal phrases that need to be included in purchase orders, warranties, contracts, etc. This needs to be done in conjunction with your legal council;

Guidelines on compliance and why is it so important?;

Where to start with embedded systems;

Who must reposibility for the 2000 project;

Guidelines / suggestions of how to retain staff that are working on a 2000 project (resourcing is a major area of concern);

Impacting of testing in a mainframe environment (case studies);

We have a bank of articles on year 2000 issues which members can make use of;

What is the role of Internal Audit;

The above are really only a few topics that we have on our database. If you send through a request for information and we do not have it on our database, we will do a search for the company. There is no limit to the number of requests.

Search Facility

We will do searches for organisations when we do not have the available information on our database. Requests that we have searched out for member companies have been :

How is the coal mining industry globally addressing the Year 2000 from an IT as well as technology point of view;

Reference sites of who in the manufacturing field globally has completed a Year 2000 project;

These are to name a few, we have on average at least four searches per day from members. There is no limit to the number of searches.

Seminars / Conferences

Setting up of regular seminars to date have been half-day sessions. These seminars identify specific areas of concern, technical, business, legal, etc. that should be addressed by orgnisations. These seminars also include open panels for discussions. The seminars are run on a user group level. We can also run workshops centered on year 2000 issues. When seminars are sponsored by a member company, there will be no cost. Although, when The 2000 Forum run seminars, a minimal cost will be charged to cover the expenses incurred.

Member Forums / Roundtable Discussions

On a regular basis, we have user get togethers for members of the forum. As these sessions are informal, it gives members the opportunity to disucuss their 2000 projects and prehaps assist other organisations in saving time which is critical. This also gives members the opportunity to set up appointments with other users to discuss common areas of interest.

we also run Roundtable Discussions either inviting members to attend, or if requested, we will run specific discussion group in-house. The objective of these sessions is to "pick each others brains" - there is a lot if practical information in the market place which can be useful to different companies / different divisions within companies. Roundtable Discussions which you are invited will be run at no cost to the members. However, if we receive a specific request to run an in-house function, this will be charged for at a negotiated fee.

Publishing of Articles

We publish articles in the business press and specialists publications, so that business can have an understanding that this is not an IT issue. It is an IT, logistics and Risk Management problem. If we are asked toe specifically write an article for your organisation, there would be an additional cost.

Industry Updates

Our information is updated on an ongoing basis and to achieve this we have relevant contacts internationally as well as locally and this information is available to members on a regular basis. This service forms part of the membeship.


We contact suppliers of member companies to establish how they are (if they are) dealing with year 2000 issues. This is an important areas to consider when planning an overall project : What impacts can areas outside your control have on your operations. This would be additional cost.

Critical Suppliers

We establish, on an ongoing basis, what the situation is with regard to critical services whose non-compliance could impact on a business generally.


The 2000 Forum would quote separately for newsletters. There would be two costs to consider : The writing of the articles and the layout of the newsletter, would be one cost, and the associated printing would be the second.

2000 Awareness Posters

layout and design of 2000 posters. The 2000 Forum will get quotes from printers and then the company can decide on the best quote.

For more information (members of The 2000 Forum get preferential rates) please contact The 2000 Forum

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