the 2000 forum


Point 1

Do organisations agree / disagree that it would be a good idea for companies to publish their policy statement of 2000 compliance.

Point 2

What criteria is currently being used to test LANS. Would companies like to share information that could assist all companies.

Point 3

How are companies costing their Year 2000 project?

Point 4

How critical is it for organisations to identify all embedded systems?

Point 5

Have companies assessed the business risk if their embedded systems fail?

Point 6

How are embedded systems being tested? What steps need to be taken by companies?

Point 7

A suggestion from a group of our members is to set up a mini forum, as a special interest group to address areas such as : "How to test PC's, etc." Do companies think this will be of benefit to them.

Point 8

What other special interest groups, could The 2000 Forum, establish.

Point 9

Is the media, reporting on Year 2000 issues regularly, in your opinion do we need more or less exposure?

Point 10

How can government get involved in awareness throughout the country as a whole?

Point 11

Do companies believe in the sharing of knowledge. If so, how can companies benefit from each other in the sharing of relevant knowledge on Year 2000 experiences?

Please e-mail your discussions items with the relevant point number, to The 2000 Forum

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