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To those of us who knew Mocambique in the sixties, it is heartening to see entrepreneurs efforts to re-establish tourism. Off the east coast, there are beaches of breath-taking splendour and islands where lodges have developed their services. The flyfishing for salt water species such as the hard-fighting kingfish and Spanish mackerel is becoming popular and I foresee that many flyfishers will find a great deal of pleasure in angling in these beautiful waters. Call me biased, but one has to go a long way to find beaches like these - and, of course, the fishing is hard to beat.

Off the east coast of Africa lies the island of Benguerra and the legendary Mozambique channel. At luxurious Benguerra lodge, you can sample superb boat flyfishing for world-record gamefish or, if you prefer, to throw a line from a pristine beach for the fighting kingfish.

You may elect to spend a day out in the deep blue for mighty marlin or sailfish, but there is great adventure for the flyfisherman. Guided by experienced skippers, Kingfish, Spanish and King mackerel, queenfish, kawakawa and pompano will be among your quarry.

Under the starry, African night sky, you can retire to thatched chalets gazing out across the moonlit bay, but whether you did battle with the rod, explored the coral reefs or embraced the solitude of dusky beachcombing, you will not forget them.



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