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The Eastern Cape area of South Africa has the advantage of an extensive and well-frequented coastline which is fast becoming the hunting grounds of the flyfisher (so to speak) and some excellent trout fishing in the higher lying areas. It is towards Barkly East that one begins to sense the presence of trout. The Longkloof river runs past the doorstep of the town, but the trout waters extend far beyond into the mountainous area and where miles of small and medium sized rivers flow. Not too far away lies the little town of Rhodes and it too has its home river - the Bell - while across the mountain lies Maclear and the waters of the Pot and Little Pot.

FAS TROUT CLUB P O Box 112 Kingwilliamstown 5600 Tel: (0433) 34001

Born out of the historical Frontier Acclimatisation Society, the FAS Trout Club continues to provide flyfishing for its members. Their trout waters are at Maden dam near King Williams Town where there is also a log cabin available. Prior booking is necessary. Day tickets are also available.

A fine rainbow trout


In the North Eastern corner of the province lies one of Southern Africa's premier river areas which encompasses the towns of Lady Grey, Barkly East, Rhodes, Maclear and Ugie. Here lie rivers such as the Bell, Wildebeest, Pot and Little Pot as well as many more. And through the offices of the Wild Trout Association, visiting anglers have a chance to ply their skills on a variety of streams and brooks.

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