Botswana Section of "The Southern African Trout and Flyfishing Directory"


Take my word for it - however you do it, just don't wait until the last minute to visit the unique Okavango Swamps in Northern Botswana. For flyfishers the delta area provides an opportunity to cross swords with the ferocious tigerfish. You'll find them waiting for you in the main Okavango river and in the secret lagoons that lie within the papyrus fringes. No doubt you'll want to experience that shock-take of a river-bred tiger, but be assured that the various species of largemouth bream and tilapia that abound are not to be disregarded. I know many anglers who catch a tiger or two and then turn their attentions to tilapia or nembwe (olive bream). Throw in huge catfish and slender African pike which also engulf a fly and the Okavango becomes a fly angler's Paradise. To read up about the angling in the swamps look out for An Okavango Season


Private Bag 013 Maun, Botswana . Tel: (09267) 674022 or fax (09267) 674021

Guma Camp run by Geoff and "Nookie" Randall is situated on the very rim of the Kalahari desert. Behind it lies the sands of the Kalahari; in front sprawls the jewel of the Okavango delta.

From the camp which lies on the spacious Guma lagoon, one can explore the waters of the panhandle by boat - the main Okavango river, the smaller Thaoge and many backwaters and lagoons. While the majority of visitors arrive to sample the fishing, it is a wonderful area for birdwatchers and those keen to take a trip on a mokoro (native wooden dugout boat).

Tigerfish, all the various species of largemouth bream and tilapia are present and visitors in October/November can experience the annual catfish runs which are an Okavango spectacle.

Accommodation is provided by means of spacious Meru tents and meals are served in the dining area under thatch.