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System and operational study of the Power Station coal handling from the mine, through the stockyard and the boiler house distribution system, plus the ash handling and stacking systems.

De-bottlenecked the softwood chipping resulting in capacity increase of 300%
(Payback period 3 weeks)

Metal Separation
Bagging Systems

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The AVA-Enviro Applications


Hazardous Waste


• Shredding + mixing + pumping of solid and liquid hazardous waste = even charging material by means of corresponding mixture
• Developed for waste pre-treatment before incineration by means of rotary furnaces
• Realised in worldwide plants with capacities between 0.5 and 10.0 t/h
• Flexible plant design both for the retrofitting of existing plants as well as for the construction of new hazardous waste incineration plants.

Secondary combustible solvent salvaging from sludge


Special designs for horizontal mixers, among other things, for mixing of high-calorific valued liquid and solid wastes, as well as the explosion-protected conveying and dosing of the pump able suspensions to the incineration chamber all form part of AVA’s system solutions.

Homogenous mixing for composting process


Various treatment processes are used today for manufacturing compost, of which two are of particular interest in terms of mixing and treatment technology. They are open composting and container composting.

The processing of large foreign bodies such as stones, pieces of wood, etc, which can be fed into the incoming product as an impurity are an additional requirement on the mixers. The regular mixing systems cannot solve this requirement sufficiently. They are competitively susceptible, especially where overlarge parts are loaded into the mixer and in the treatment of extremely sticky sludge.

Solvent salvaging from Sludge


AVA supplies thermal vertical evaporation plants in order to reduce the disposal costs created by this and to salvage the solvents contained in the sludge.
This offers the advantage that the contaminated paint remover sludge is dried to a residual humidity content of <0.5% without prior mechanical liquid / solid separation. The fully automated process control system also enables the separation of various phases. This means that to begin with a mixture of solvent and water is condensed, while at the end of the process pure solvent can be obtained. The ATEX-conforming turnkey supplied plants comprise of the AVA vertical evaporator, the condensation line including a vacuum pump, and the control system.




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