272. Johannes Cornelis SWART was born about 1802 in "Lamfontein", Mosselbaai. He was christened on 27 NOV 1803. He died on 24 JUN 1888 in "Kruispad", Montagu.

He was married to Johanna Catharina ROSSOUW on 5 APR 1828. Johanna Catharina ROSSOUW was christened on 12 DEC 1809. She died Voor 1888. She has reference number b8c1d3e2f3. Johannes Cornelis SWART and Johanna Catharina ROSSOUW had the following children:

child+885 i. Daniël Johannes SWART was born on 4 JUN 1829. He died on 3 MAY 1912 in Swellendam.
child+886 ii. Gerhardus Lodewicus (Gert Lewies) SWART was born on 4 OCT 1831. He died on 18 JUL 1889 in "Welgelegen", Ermelo.
child+887 iii. Johannes Cornelis Rossouw SWART was born on 29 OCT 1834. He died on 12 MAR 1916 in "Kruispad", Montagu. He resided Eers in Potberg. He resided Later in "Kruispad".
child+888 iv. Pieter Gabriël SWART was born on 24 MAY 1836.
child889 v. Johanna Catharina SWART was born on 15 APR 1839.
child+890 vi. Maria Elisabeth SWART was born on 5 JUN 1841.
child891 vii. Susanna Elisabeth SWART was born on 5 JUN 1841.

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