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All books revieved are owned and were read by myself!

The Drakensberg of Natal, by Doyle P. Liebenberg
ISBN 0 949956 07 4 Second edition 1974
The first book on South Africa's major mountain chain.

Barrier of Spears, by R O Pearse
ISBN 0 86978 050 6 First edition 1973
The comprehensive Drakensberg classic.

Mountain Splendour, by R O  Pearse
ISBN 0 86978 156 1 First edition 1978
Wild flowers of the Drakensberg. Covers about 400 of the more common species, with colour plates and images grouped together.

A Camera in Quathlamba, by M L Pearse
ISBN absent First edition 1980
Monochrome publication of Drakensberg scenery. Images of a high standard and reproduction

Dragon's Wrath, by R O Pearse and James Byrom
ISBN 0 86954 269 9 First edition 1986
Drakensberg climbs, accidents and rescues.

A Cradle of Rivers, by David A Dodds
ISBN 360 00392 7 First edition 1975
Drakensberg overview in text, colour and monochromec.

A Field Guide to the Natal Drakensberg, by Dave and Pat Irwin
ISBN 0 86810 239 3 Second edition 1992
Comprehensive Drakensberg overview: management, history, geology, weather, flora and fauna, hiking, with sketch maps and a couple of colour plates of average image and print quality.

The Mountains of Southern Africa, by David Bristow with photography by Clive Ward
ISBN 0 86977 227 9 Second impression 1988
Overview of all major regions. Average photographic reproduction.

K2 The Savage Mountain, by Houston and Bates
The 1954 classic on the American pioneering attempt on K2, still unclimbed then. Factual and informative. Quite different from the ordinary modern mountaineering book with its emphasis on the author rather than mountains and mountaineering. May be out of print.
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K2 The Story of the Savage Mountain, by Jim Curran
History of the mountain from the nineteenth-century pioneer explorers. The history comes alive in the text.
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K2 - Challenging the Sky, by Roberto Mantovani and kurt Diemberger
A visual book with well-wriiten essays. Modern layout, large format, lavsihly illustrated, great images by different top mountain photographers, quality printing.
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High Altitude: illness and wellnes, by Charles Houston, M.D.
A popular style little paperback of 68 pages published in 1993.
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Alta Colombia - Splendor of the Mountain, by Cristobal von Rothkirch
A book about the other Columbia: the splendour of the Colombian Andes. A visual book with well-written essays in a distinct exotic style. Modern layout, large format, lavsihly illustrated, great images by von Rothkirch, quality printing. May not yet be listed by Amazon.
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