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Phil Minnaar, one of South Africa's top sculptors and world renown for his monumental works at Sol Kerzner's Lost City, is currently planning to sculptor portrait busts of Gen Horatio Herbert Kitchener, Sir Redvers Buller, and Lord Frederick Sleigh Roberts. These busts will augument the already existint series of busts of Boer generals.

Phil Minnaar has been sculptoring for the last 25 years and up to date has done some 110 potrait busts of famous South Africans. He is presently working on a one and half size bust of president Mandella commisoned by the City Council of Pretoria. Other noteworthy commisions are the busts made of Mr O. Tambo, King Goodwill Zwilinthini, gen Constand Viljoen, Mr F.W de Klerk, Prof de Lange. He is also well known for the striking busts he sculptored of Louis Botha, J.C. Smuts, J.B.M. Hertzog, D.F. Malan , J.G. Strydom, B.J. Vorster and P.W. Botha.

Some of the most beautifull busts made by this artist are those of De Wet, De la Rey, Beyers, Leyds, Paul Kruger, Steyn, Reitz, Emily Hobhouse and Danie Theron. Bronzed coldcast 15 cm high busts of these historical figures are sold at R200 per bust excluding package fees.

Half lifesize portrait bronze busts as well as life size, respectively in the region of R8 500 and R16 000, will be done by the artist on can be commision. With his bonze busts, a limited edditon is made and each work of art is supplied with a certificate vouching authenticity. Requiries and orders for the Boer and British generals can be made through Dup Martins.

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