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Breeders love the Persian for its exceptional good nature and placid gentleness. Potential breeders should be made aware that breeding Persians is not a moneymaking business. This hobby runs purely on the love for a Persian. I am willing to export to any country around the world that does not enforce quarantine. Quarantine is cruel and I refuse to put my kittens through this torture. 

Your Persian should enjoy a healthy well balanced diet and I strongly recommend you seek the advice of your veterinarian. You are welcome to contact me for assistance should you intend purchasing a Persian.

The Persian is a medium to large cat with short legs. The head is round with a short nose, small ears and huge round eyes of which the colour depends on the colour of the coat. Le Jandré specializes in the chocolate variety of the Persian.

The thick, all over, soft and silky long coat needs regular combing - as much as once a day and a bath around once a month with special attention to the eyes, especially peaked faced Persians.

Your Persian will enjoy lots of love and attention as it is a very affectionate breed that mostly keeps to the home interior. Although it might not seek playing with the children, it will not mind the attention. 

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