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Better Sound Electronics is one of the Kwa-Zulu Natal's leading and most experienced  
commercial paging sound systems, conference and portable meeting sound systems suppliers, and consultants.  

If you are in need of good quality and reliable new paging, boardroom or conference sound system,
powerful fully portable PA sound system fitted with wireless mike system/s & CD player - suitable for your boardroom meetings,
new products promotions, church hall, auction house, community meeting, school hall or sports field, please give us a try.
We will supply that sound system you are after, the one which will perfectly suit your needs and your budget !


We supply conference sound systems tailored to the size of your conference room and number of delegates, with analogue or digital recording facility.
Those more sophisticated conference sound systems might also include digitally controlled voting and/or translation facility

We will help you with basic design of the sound system and it's layout for your particular conditions, and also with suitable equipment selection and supply.


But not only the complete sound systems, perhaps just it's component and accessories alone sometimes need replacing, repairs, servicing, and upgrades. Such as cassette decks, CD players, audio leads, parts of the speaker system, microphones (including wireless microphone sets - hand held, or lapel microphones). We will gladly examine your existing equipment in our workshop, and advise you, whether it would be still possible and financially viable to repair and service that hard working piece of equipment, or would it pay you to replace it for a new one !

We also supply different types of megaphones - let us advise you
which one is the best for your needs and budget - (community meetings, beach guards, crowd control, etc.)  


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We supply and service sound systems components for :


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Need to know more details ?  Then please e-mail us CLICK RIGHT HERE, right now
or phone us on 031-3320486 or 0837355009 !

Please, see   our selection of the PA / paging / background music sound equipment, 
and all the accessories in our  ON-LINE CATALOGUE - don't miss it !

 The ultimate, truly portable PA sound system solutions for your boardroom,
 community meetings, church or school hall, new products promotions, etc.
User friendly design, easily operated even by those not technically minded !



 One of the bigger and more powerful versions of the above - MIPRO MA-707


Need to know more details about any of these portable PA sound systems ? 
Then please e-mail us - CLICK RIGHT HERE, right now
or phone us on 031-3320486 or 0837355009 !



  HYBRID portable PA sound system
very compact and very powerful for it's size

operating from mains, external 12V (car) battery, or built-in rechargeable batteries.
Advanced diversity cordless microphone system, connection for another wired microphone,
two independent line inputs for CD/DVD player, PC sound, guitar or keyboard, etc.
line output to hook-up with another sound system or sound recorder
USB port, SD memory cards slot, bluetooth facility, supplied with floor speaker stand.


 Please call us to arrange on site demo of Hybrid or Mipro portable PA sound systems
(Durban area)
Call Stan on 0837355009



 Portable PA sound for the budget conscious





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