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Today Hi-Tech electronics is such a wide and ever changing field,
that's why we won't do just "anything" !
In order to do the job right, and to give our clients the
best possible service,
we believe in strict specialization !

We are proud to be recognized specialists  in field of professional audio electronics !

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    We specialize in : 

Sales, repairs, and service of paging and public address sound equipment, 
megaphones, background music sound systems, sound effectors & enhancers, 
disco sound & lighting equipment, portable PA and conference sound systems,
We will also supply all the matching add-on accessories for the above.

                                                                                     But - please note :     We don't support DIY repairs trade !

We don't supply any loose spares or components for the above equipment home repairs,
 as well as any circuit or wiring diagrams, and service manuals !
  Instead, we provide full repairs and servicing facility in our own
(click on) well equipped workshop !

 MIPRO is the latest truly portable PA sound solutions for your boardroom,
 community meetings, church or school hall, new products promotions, etc.

From  R5'450.00


 One of the bigger and more powerful versions of the above - MIPRO MA-707

From R14'850.00



 For the budget conscious


HYBRID portable PA sound system

  HYBRID portable PA sound system
very compact and very powerful for it's size

operating from mains, external 12V (car) battery, or built-in rechargeable batteries.
Advanced diversity cordless microphone system, connection for another wired microphone,
two independent line inputs for CD/DVD player, PC sound, guitar or keyboard, etc.
line output to hook-up with another sound system or sound recorder
USB port, SD memory cards slot, bluetooth facility, supplied with floor speaker stand.


 Please call us to arrange demo of Hybrid or Mipro portable PA sound systems







We also supply wired or wireless boardroom / conference sound systems

Please click on mail us for further info !




     On special offer:


dual head, 2 colours air cooled disco lasers  100mW / 60mW

sound control, built-in different patterns, 8 channel DMX512 control

 R1'200.00 (each)



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If you don't see what you want, contact us - we MIGHT know where to get it for you !

  Customers, please note :  
    Since we are operating from South Africa
all prices 
listed on our pages are in  South African currency  
RAND  -  "R"  for short. 
To convert them to U$ dollars   please divide listed prices by 13.5


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 for technical advice, and more detailed info about our products and services !

Please e-mail us right here 

 or telephone / fax us on  031- 3320486(callers from South Africa)

 or internationally on  +27- 31- 3320486

 mobile phone :  0837355009   -    or internationally   +27837355009
        (voice communication,  SMS / MMS messages)

 snail mail to :   P.O. Box 11732,  Marine Parade 4056,  South Africa

       Please visit us at:
 Shop 2,  Beachview Mall - Shoprite Checkers building
 at  14 Brickhill Rd.  Durban (opposite Killarney Hotel)

 secure parking facilities are available in parking garage across the road from us 

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