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PURE BLOOD: Synopsis

Some families have real problems…

For Fanus, a young cop dreaming of promotion to the elite Flying Squad unit, everything was going just fine. That is, until the day he went for his routine blood test for his transfer application.

Somehow the return of his estranged brother, EUGENE, long assumed dead, was not quite the happy family reunion Fanus was expecting. Ravaged by illness and a mysterious affliction, relieved only by the intake of human blood, Eugene clearly has problems re-adjusting to suburban family life. Only the maid, HOPE, understands the truth behind Eugene's antics as he resorts to his old drunken behaviour.

There is no doubt that the old family is back together when GERTRUDE, Fanus baking-obsessed mother, reacts violently to Eugene's reappearance.

Little does Fanus know that his "racially pure" blood is the reason Eugene is back home. His career in the police force takes an unfortunate turn as Fanus, unwittingly, becomes the key accomplice in a plot to resurrecting his dead father, a General and mastermind of the old sinister order once called apartheid.

What the General needs is 'pure blood' - and it is Eugene they have summoned with promises of immortality and glory. Believing that he is the 'chosen one', Eugene is outraged to discover that the Generals seek Fanus as their successor.

From that point on it is inevitable; one of the brothers must die.

Combining a new age black maid, blood-drinking zombie racists and a plot to poison the town with blood cakes, what ensues is a dark comedy that pits the forces of fascism against the redeeming power of true love and home cooking…

For Fanus the only hope is HOPE herself…



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