My Resumé.

Hi, my name is Anders...

I've been working as a freelance 3D artist
for almost two years now, doing work for
several clients in different countries.

Before this I spent 5 years at THE WORx (one of South Africas best
respected post production houses), as a senior 3D artist
and gaining an indepth knowledge of not just 3D animation,
but the whole postproduction process.
From storyboarding and supervising effects on shoots to
treatments for Flame composites.

My equipment is a compact roaming 3D animation studio where I
have my own (dual processor) workstation and a (licensed)
copy of Softimage XSI advanced, complimented with various paint packages.

I get a real kick out of art and computers. Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by both.
I grew up with a pencils and paint, but also have a post graduate degree in Computer science.
3D animation is the perfect combination of all the things I like doing most.

I am continuously trying to improve my skills; reading up on classical animation methods from cell to stopframe, and
applying what I learn to my 3D animation; trying new ways of rigging characters, practicing new modeling techniques,
experimenting with lighting setups, textures and shaders; also dabbeling in story telling and storyboarding.

There are a number of samples of my work on my animation page, and if you would like to see more, I will send a VHS copy of my showreel.

If you are in need of a 3D animator to help out on one of your projects, please contact me at:
I'll get back to you shortly.