King Cricket.
This rather disgusting looking creature is a 'King Cricket', or 'Parktown prawn' as they are known in Johannesburg. Famous for being one of the toughest pests around, with powerfull pincers, they have become a symbol of the tough life style in Johannesburg.
This frame is from a logo for the first animation festival to be held in South Africa (in October). The whole environment is generated (some textures come from Jeremy Engleman's public images).
If you are interested and have the time, you might like to see the movie below of the cricket from the logo.

IK chains and up-vector constraints on the legs, make the six legged animation a whole lot easier. I used some expressions to drive the 'breathing' movement of the abdomen, which is made up a several 'plates' which ride on a spline to give it some extra flex.

1.5meg mpeg movie file from the animation.