Shell Helix.
Here is the hero of the comercial, a 'transformer' type hero who fights off the enemy monsters (pressure,sludge, heat and friction).
We faced some interesting challanges, involving lots of character work with 5 fully animated characters in action battle scenes. We also had to match our characters into live action shots (most of the moving) including a passanger car which transforms in cg.
All the images you see here were done in Softimage but we intergrated 2 of the monsters from Maya into the rest of the commercial.
The headlight glows could have been done with a shader, but we did them with mattes in 'Flame' to save time.

This shot shows the hero extinguishing 'Heat' with one of 'Pressure's' hoses.
For the steam effect we used 'Pison elements' which gave us intergrated patricles with lighting and shadows in mentalray.
'Pressure' was modeled by Matthew Lowery.

I found this, the trickiest shot of the commercial. You have a live-action Toyota, which has to transform into a hero robot-guy. The live camera is paning round the car as it transforms, and the thing has to stand up and start fighting at the end of the transform.
The hardest part was working out which part is going to make up a body part on the hero, and coordinating all the animating parts to hide, unhide and end up in the right places with convincingly robotic movements.
A real brain-teaser, but fun to work with.

226k mpeg movie file of the car transforming.