3D animations.

I am a freelance 3D artist
working in video post production,
animating in Softimage 3D and now XSI.
Most of the images here are from various
commercials I've been involved in, but
when time permits, I like to work on my own
projects. Here are some works in progress and
other experiments you might find interesting.
(Like this untextured pirate ship, still in
the design phase.)

Icons with blue tags lead to pages with animation,
as well as stills and info about each job.
The others have no animation.

Hope you get something out of them.

If you would like a show-reel or just to talk,
I check mail regularly at : anders@icon.co.za

Tree-frog. Mammoths.
An experiment with animal lip-synch.

Discovering Mammoths.

Bug. Electron Microscope.
Bug story.

Electron microscope flythrough.

Toon toaster. Isdn cable.
Toaster does circus tricks.

Cable, faster than a speeding F1.

Satelite. Coke opener.
Communications satelite.

Depressed bottel opener.

Hero car transformer. Liquorice Allsorts.
A car changes into a super-hero for Shell Helix.

Valentino is the dashing hero of a liquorice sitcom.

King Cricket. Soccer Cow.
Modeling and animating an insect.

Cows playing soccer.

Comic. Starship.
Animation, comic book style, with toon shaders.

A cinema resolution animation of a mother ship.

Smirnoff. Abstract.
The South African version of the famous commercials.

An abstract piece constructed from spheres.

Chameleon. Magic mushroom.
A realistic animation of a chameleon.

A character I'm working on.

Flying Machine. Dinosaurs.
A Leonardo Davinci wing machine.

Dinosaur characters at tea time.

Living statue. Lochness Monster.
Animation of an elephant statue.

The lochness monster captured on video at last.